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Municipal Ballot Measures 2023 | Town of Fraser Ballot Question 2B
Whether the Town of Fraser should sell Mural Park, located at 320 Eastom Avenue (parcel number 1587-191-09-019) for $450,000.00, with the intention of using the sale proceeds to acquire a parcel on Clayton Court (parcel number 1587-191-44-002) for $450,000.00 for use in connection with the Fraser Creative Arts Center or for other public purposes as determined by the Fraser Board of Trustees?

Ballot Question 2B Map Depiction

Help make the Fraser Center for the Creative Arts a reality!

Important things to know about this proposal:

  • This land swap will allow the Fraser Center for the Arts to be located right on the Fraser River, a short distance from the current intended location, the Mural Park
  • While the new site for the Center is slightly smaller than the current one, it is adequate for the purpose and would be directly on the River. There is a possibility, with future approval of the appropriate parties, for the Center to be built on the exchanged parcel and the one immediately adjoining it that the Town already owns. This offers advantages for the design and future use, including…
  • The Center will be the anchor of future development of Clayton Court and an activated riverfront, being a magnet for visitors to a new ”Main Street” for Fraser
  • This is not a new tax or bond issue, just an exchange of two properties between the Town and the current owner
  • Only registered voters of the Town of Fraser can vote on this proposal
  • To address concerns about parking challenges during the ongoing construction (and for events), the Town has created a new parking area on its existing lot (in blue on the map).  It is now covered in recycled asphalt.   This is not intended to be a long term solution, but aimed at alleviating  day to day parking concerns during the current construction phase.

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