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Supporting all arts in the community and the community through arts.

Creativity For Life

Creativity isn’t only about what you do, it’s about who you are.  Supporting arts and artists makes everyone’s life more beautiful and interesting.

Inspire The Next

A gift to Fraser Valley Arts now, is a gift to this community and its creatives forever. Instilling a love of art to our youth is the greatest gift we can offer.

Look Inside For Answers

How much should you give? That’s up to you! But do know this:  EVERY donation is needed and EVERY donor greatly appreciated.

For the next generation of artists...and art supporters.

The donation you give today will continue to influence and affect the art scene in the Fraser Valley for years to come.

Fraser Valley Arts is just in the beginning phases of building an arts scene that will influence the landscape in Grand County for years to come. We’ve been known for a lot of things: sleepy ski resort town, biking capital, Icebox of the Nation, etc. BUT, arts is not one of them. FVA is out to change that with your help. This area is full of brilliant, “closet” artists just waiting to show the world their vision. We are inclusive to ALL arts and ALL peoples. And ALL donations are greatly appreciated!

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have."

~ Jim Rohn

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We know you have a wide variety of options on where to spend and donate your money.
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