2022 Financial Performance Update

On behalf of our Board of Directors and the community of our Fraser Valley, we are thrilled to share with you the outstanding financial performance for the calendar year 2022.

Thanks to our community’s support, we have been able to achieve remarkable results in the past year, only our second year of operation. Our efforts have resulted in a positive impact on the arts community with events like Plein Air @ Altitude and the art education that accompanied it. Our collaboration with the Town of Fraser on the Fraser Mural Fest, Colorado Snow Sculpting Championships, and Fraser Fire & Ice are further evidence of the importance of arts to the community, as is our partnership programing with others in our community including Winter Park Resort.

In 2022, our organization raised a record amount of funds to support the arts in Fraser Valley, Colorado (Please see our 2022 Final Financial Report approved by our Board in March, the link to the PDF is posted below). With the help of our generous donors, community sponsors and members, we were able to fund our continue to conduct and evolve our art programs, workshops, and events, bringing together artists and art enthusiasts from all over the region.

We are proud to announce that our revenue increased by 179% compared to the previous year. This tremendous growth can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of our board members, and volunteers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that our organization continues to make a difference in the community.

This year we plan to continue our program and explore new partnership opportunities to expand programing. Additionally, we are exploring grant opportunities to further our goal of opening an arts center and funding programmatic support in the coming years.

Thanks to our financial stability, we were able to host a series of successful events throughout the year, including art exhibitions, festivals, and workshops. These events attracted a diverse audience and provided a platform for local artists to showcase their talents.

Our success is not just limited to the financial aspect of our organization. We have also seen an increase in community engagement and support. Our membership program has grown, and we have welcomed new volunteers who have become an essential part of our organization.

We are confident that with your continued support, we can achieve even more in the coming years. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our mission of supporting the arts in Fraser Valley, Colorado. We encourage you to donate, attend our events, and become a member of our organization to help us continue to make a positive impact on the arts community.

Thank you for your continued support!

SteveFitzgerald, President
Lisa Baird, Treasurer
Callie McDermott, Secretary
Members at Large:

DiAnn Butler
Brian Whitman
Echo Zoyiopoulos

2022 FVA Financials