Lisa Baird

Lisa Baird is a representational oil painter residing in Winter Park, Colorado, who takes her inspiration for art – and life – from the outdoors.

Seeing ordinary people in extraordinary places: hiking, cycling, skiing, or just enjoying mountain life, supplies the vital creative inspiration for her works. Also a lover of animals, Lisa does commission work of furry friends, as well.

“I love doing commission art for individuals and companies. It’s special when someone seeks you out because your art speaks to them in some way.”

Her work may be found in both private and public collections.

Blue Skies Up High

Ready For Winter

Apres Ski

Oil on cradled gesso board 12” x 24”

Preserving the world around her in paint

Growing up in the Midwest she studied art and glassblowing at Hastings College. She has also studied painting at the Art Students League of Denver, photography with John Fielder, and oil painting with Don Sahli and Karen Vance.

This lifelong student of nature and light relishes “plein air” painting sessions in and around the beautiful Fraser Valley - where she is outside, embedding herself in nature, painting what she sees and feels - both the remarkable and mundane.

The majority of Lisa’s paintings begin with either a plein air study or a series of photo notes to capture the colors and essence of what makes her chosen scene memorable and worthy. The final composition is the culmination of the “whole” drawing from the experience of being there in the moment, observing the senses stimulated by the experiences, the thoughts that are perceived and the awareness of deciding what is needed and how to arrange those parts in a miraculous, exceptional and beautiful way.

Lisa Baird produces art that is created to be felt, as well as viewed.

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